Student Affairs


The IAC does not provide tuition. Tuition is outsourced to accredited colleges. Student's 1* time registration with the IAC is separate from registration for tuition at a college. (Students must register with the IAC to write examination, and at a college for tuition )The IAC works in collaboration with colleges as independent partners in education.

Whilst the IAC does insist that students attend colleges or study by correspondence, we strongly recommend that students follow a structured course of study to assist them to prepare adequately for our examinations. The IAC recognizes that learning involves more than merely passing an examination .The examination and syllabi are based on prescribed and recommended textbook € study packs .(names of textbooks are listed on the website or available from IAC offices ). Students are strongly advised to make use of these textbooks .these can be purchased at bookshops in South Africa and Zimbabwe. They may also be available from libraries and at colleges.

Tuition for IAC subjects is available from various colleges, you may complete your studies by attending full time lectures, part time lectures or by distance learning [correspondences at the tuition centers of your choice.

The IAC is unable to recommend a specific college- Students must make their own choice. However the IAC does recognize certain colleges as tuition providers, based on the expertise of the tutors and a list of these recognized colleges is available on our website or from the nearest IAC office ).