Student Affairs


The IAC offers students the following services:

Failure Report: Students who fail a subject may request a detailed report .This report contains indications by the examiner regarding the reasons for failure. Written request must reach the IAC office by the closing Date, together with the relevant fee.

Past Question Papers : Students may purchase these from IAC, papers are available for the four recent examination sessions.

Suggestion Solutions: These are available for most subjects.

Remark of examination scripts: students who achieve a mark between 40% and 49% may request that their scripts be remarked Written request must reach the IAC by the closing date, together with the relevant fee.

Subject Syllabi: available free of charge from the IAC on request from the website.

Lists of Prescribed and recommended textbooks: ~~ The IAC examiners recommended one or more textbooks, per subjects. Details of these textbooks are included in each subject syllabus. They are also available from the IAC offices or on the IAC website" Academic Statements: Irrespective of the number of subjects passed , a student may request a detailed academic statement reflecting the subject(s) he/she has already passed. This statement will be printed on an official IAC letterhead.IAC will accept written requests together with the fee.

Student newsletter: IAC Connection will be mailed to registered student three times a year. Membership Publication: Members also receive (three times per year) a publication entitled ‘Management News". Contact the Membership Officer for further details.

Re-issuing of Certificates or diplomas: this is done subject to an administration fee (contact the IAC office for more details).