1.Fees are payable in full by the relevant closing dates.

2.We accept cheque payments, provided there are funds in the account and any RD Cheques will attract a penalty fee.

3.Payment by postal/Money order is NOT acceptable.

4.All students should pay their fees in US Dollars at the bank.

5.Always quote your IAC student ID when making payments.

6.If a student's account is in arrears for any reason, the student will not receive examination entry forms or examination results.

7.Fees for services such as, failure reports, past question papers and suggested solutions must be prepaid in full on application.

8.If a student's account is in credit, the credit will be retained and offset against debits to the account, as they become due. No refund of the credit balance will be made, unless a student gives notice that he or she is permanently cancelling his or her student registration, which will also mean losing credits for incomplete Diplomas or Degrees.


Download Student Fee Structure