Entering for examinations
1.Only registered students will be allowed to enter for the examinations.
2.Examination entry forms are mailed to students before each examination or download forms from the website.
3.Complete an examination entry form in full.
4.Submit the form, together with the examination fee to the IAC by the closing date.
5.Two weeks before the examination, the IAC posts admission forms to those who have entered for the examinations.
6.The admission form indicates the subjects a student has entered for, the timetable and the full address of the examination venue.
7.Students must take the admission form, IAC Student Card and National ID to the venue on the days they are writing.
1.Students must ensure that the subjects to be written form part of their preliminary certificate, higher certificate or diploma curriculum. If you are unsure, please consult your college or contact the nearest IAC office.

2.Students may register for and write as many subjects as they wish provided there are no exam timetable clashes. No unscheduled examination will be allowed. Students without their admission forms 7 days before the examination, should contact the office. Notify the IAC in writing as soon as you have changed your address .This will help us keep you informed and up-to-date. You have to complete the change of address form separately.

Cheating During Examinations
Should a candidate be found cheating at an examination, his or her entry to that session of examinations will be cancelled and appropriate disciplinary action will be taken by the Board of the IAC.

Cancellation of Examination Entries
1. Examination fees will not be refunded under any circumstances
2. Examinations may be transferred to the next exam session under the following
• Request for a cancellation of an exam entry must reach us no later than the stipulated closing date. Fees will be kept in credit in your account.
• An administrative fee will be charged.

3. You will be required to re-enter for your cancelled examination in the usual way by completing an exam entry form, ensuring that any difference in examination fees are paid.
4. Cancelling your exam entry after the examination will not be considered. It is the student's responsibility to ensure exam re-registration for the following examination session is done.

Examination Venues
1. The IAC arranges for students to write at the listed venues.
2. Students are expected to travel to those venues to write examinations.
3. Special examination arrangements can be made for students with extraordinary needs,e.g. extra time. Medical evidence will be required. Request has to be made in writing along with your exam entry.

Examination venues are set  up in –
GWERU                   HARARE
HWANGE                 MASVINGO
GWANDA                 MUTARE
If you live more than 100km from a venue, you may apply to the National Office for private invigilation if you agree to meet all costs.

Private Invigilation
Students who live outside Zimbabwe or in prisons, may apply for private invigilation.
1. Contact the IAC to request a Private Invigilation Form.
2. Return the completed Private Invigilation Form (and fee) to the IAC, with the relevant examination entry form before the closing date.

3. The IAC reserves the right to accept or reject any nominated private invigilator.
4. In screening a nominated private invigilator, the IAC will insist that the invigilator has a reliable daytime telephone and fax number, and a street address that is acceptable for delivery by courier.
5. Private invigilators from the following categories could be suitable: Clergy, Education, HR Managers, Embassy Personnel, Commissioners of oath, Prison Officers

NB It is the student's responsibility to:
. Pay all costs of private invigilation, including any fees for the premises and Private invigilator’s payment, as well as the postage fees.
. Ensure that the private invigilator returns the script to the IAC within 24 hrs of the last examination, by overnight courier. The IAC takes no responsibility for lost scripts.
6. The IAC reserves the right to withdraw the facility of private invigilation.

Foreign examination venues
1. The student must approach a Zimbabwean diplomatic mission representative (Embassy, High Commission, Consulate or Trade Commission) Arrange for a letter or e-mail/fax to be sent to the IAC office, confirming that invigilation will be approved.
2. Any invigilation fees charged by a diplomatic representative MUST be paid by the student concerned.

Examination results
The IAC employs professional experts as examiners and moderators. Our policy is that one of them must be a practising professional and the other an academic.
Examination papers are edited and proof read by a team of language professionals who are experienced educators.

Students' examination scripts are marked by examiners. They are then sent for moderation. After that, the IAC Examination Review Commission meets to review results for the examination session. Results are then released in three ways: in the form of printed lists for display at various examination centers, on individual results letters which are posted to examination candidates, and on the IAC Web Site (http://www.iac.co.zw). The decisions of the examiners, moderators and Examination Review Committee are final and the IAC will not enter into any communication regarding these results. Students who are not successful in examinations may request a failure report to assist in understanding how their examination answers were inadequate and to help them prepare to take the examination again.